Survivor Season 25 and 26 Caramoan, Phillipines

by on April 12, 2012


Season 25 and 26 will be filmed in Caramoan Islands, Phillipines

We have more info and photos of the location of season 25 and 26 of Survivor! As we all know now CBS has extended Survivor for 2 more seasons and it will be filmed in the Carmamoan Islands, Phillipines.   Due to budget  constraints they will be filming season 25 and 26 back to back in the area.  There are several Islands where the shooting could be taking place and we have some info on that too.  Other countries from around the world that have Survivor TV shows have filmed in the Carmamoan Islands including; France (2008), Israel, Bulgaria,Serbia(2009), Sweden, Israel and Serbia returning to shoot again(2010).  Last year, the islands also had Denmark, Norway, Belgium and India film their Survivor TV shows there.  A popular spot for Survivor no surprise that the US is heading there next.  It’s going to be great for tourism in the area and many locals are looking forward to the potential US tourism market.

I did a bit of digging around a found out that several islands are going to be closed from February 2012 to August 2012.   Here’s a photo of a sign stating that Islands will be closed during those months for a “Special Project”.


"Special Project"

Some Photos of the Islands:  Sabitang Laya, Matukad and Lahus (Lahuy) island.



Main Island Locations


Sabitang-laya Island - A popular tourist spot with twin beaches


Sabitang-laya Island, Phillipines


Matuka Island, Phillipines


Lahuy Island, Phillipines

The other islands that are closed for the ‘Special Project’ are much smaller and are probably going to be use for the rewards BBQs, Beer… 7up?!?  I think the tribe names could even be based on the Island names themselves.

Based on what we know the Gota resort will be used as the base of operations for the production team and crew.    The Gota Village Resort is to be used by the Survivor production team.   Official have visited the resort to make sure that everything that the producers require (personnel, housekeeping and logistical) are ready for the coming of Survivor USA’s cast and crew.  Survivor USA is going to do a great deal for tourism in the area and also creating employment opportunities.

Matukad is situated the closest to the Gota Resort and Hononga Beach Resort… Just a guess but I think that Gota will be used for the production team and Hononga Beach Resort will be season 25’s “Pandora” where the castaways who are voted off will be sent.


Gota Resort - Where the Survivor Production Team might be staying


Hononga Beach Resort - The Next Ponderosa?

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