Survivor Caramoan Finale

May 12, 2013
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Survivor Caramoan Finale Racap 1) Medivac comes in Erik is pulled from the game due to dehydration and malnutrition 2) Reward challenge reward give winner a edge in final Immunity. Cochran wins. 3) Immunity Challenge. In the immunity challenge they had to complete a puzzle. There was bags tied up with the puzzle pieces inside. Cocharn’s bags were not tied shut and were therefore easier to open. Cochran Wins 4) Tribal council  Cochran votes out Brenda, Sherri votes Eddie, Dawn votes Eddie, Eddie votes Dawn. Eddie eliminated 5) Final Jury. Cochran wins Survivor Caramoan by a landslide 8 votes.

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Survivor RECAP: Brenda Gives Up Reward and is Blindsided!

May 9, 2013

Survivor recap: Brenda Gives Up Reward and is Blindsided! 6 Are left Who will be voted out tonight? Eddie a sitting duck target…? Cochran looks at his expiration date. Erik attempts to get some coconuts that have been laughing at him from day one. Climbed really high but got no coconuts. Tree Mail: Get to see what they will be playing for, Video letters from home! And the crying begins! Erik’s video from his brother reinvigorated him.   Reward Challenge: Loved ones come out. Brenda gets Jeff to cry from her greeting with her dad. Lots more tears…overwhelmed! Compete with […]

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Survivor: Reynold tried his best to hold on! Andrea blindsided!!!

May 1, 2013

With Malcolm gone will Reynold and Eddie be next? No longer the three amigos. Immunity Challenge…all about focus and balance triangular platform out on water and move up. play also for reward for information on the game. Jeff tempts them by plates of donuts….Erik and Eddie jump down together. Cochran been on a roll with the challenges. Sit for a second and move feet up to second perch. Next temptation item, hot dogs. Goal to keep immunity out of the hands of Reynold. Top platform, last one and the smallest with the wind picking up, Dawn and Sherry fall out […]

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Survivor: Fans take out Phillip!!

April 19, 2013

Survivor: Fans take out Phillip!! Dawn breaks down, overwhelmed by paranoia. Cries to Cochran….but after a sleep she feels she is rebooted. Stealth R Us gets together to square up and decide to vote for Reynold and Malcolm. Immunity Challenge: 2 heats, race across a platform, jump into water and swim under platform by pulling along rope. 2 people move onto final round, 1st Heat: Reynold, Dawn, Andrea, Cochran, Sherry….Andrea and Reynold move on to Philip decides to sit out, explaining that as a boy he had an uncomfortable incident under water. Increases everyone elses chances. 2nd Heat: Malcolm, Eddie, […]

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Survivor recap: Makin’ Moves!

April 10, 2013

  Survivor: Makin’ Moves! Reward Challenge: reward is a picnic after repelling down  a waterfall. Teams: Purple( Malcolm, Erik,Eddie, Cochran, Reynolds, And Michael)  Orange(Philip, Dawn, Andrea, Sherri, Brenda). One player on a podium in water as goalie while the other team try to throw a ball into goal. Purple team wins! At the reward it is like a post big win locker room mentality going on….Pitch to Cochran, take the guys to the end, take out the girls. Emphasizing the testosterone between us. Orange team: Malcolm was with the people he wanted to be with. Malcolm takes Sherri aside then […]

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